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      I have a mod request. Anyone here familiar with the “Buildable Decorations Mod” for pathfinder? (amazing mod) There was an object inside this mod called a “Gaantin” (Giant Sandpit) I believe, but don’t quote me on that. Anyway, this awesome decoration would allow the user to plant unlimited crops inside one biodome (or whatever area it was placed). Basically, you could stack TONS of crops in one plantable slot. So on mine, I had approximately 70 vortex cubes in one spot.

      In Atlas Rises, the farming sucks horribly. I think every aspect of this game has received a downgrade from Pathfinder. And we still have not received any cinematics or multiplayer faction-wars. But leave it to Hello Games to make even the hydroponic trays suck! The hydroponic trays are broken. If you ever notice, when you visit another planet, some of the hydro trays will have no charge at all when you return.

      So, a mod to allow use of the giant sandpit object would be nice, or if someone could make a mod to eliminate the charging function of the hydro trays entirely. I’ve got my finger on the uninstall button right now. I love this game, but overcomplicating the existing functions of a game is not a substitute for actually adding quality content (like what happens in Borderlands 2 DLC’s)



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      I’ve got to correct myself. I was wrong. The ship flight and ship consoles have definitely improved. The story is better and more immersive. There are now portals and joint exploration. Galactic travel technology is also better, like waypoints and filtering destinations on the galactic map.

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