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      It seems the original mod “21:9 / SURROUND / EYEFINITY HUD MOD” made by¬†Furinex / spAnser / Toffler does still work to an extent.

      However the quest boxes that pop up at the bottom right are broken and pressing the inventory button crashes the game to the desktop. 

      Could someone work out how to fix this? I’ve no idea how you make a mod for this game and its beyond me a little bit. But there isnt anything else out there to fix 21:9 ultrawide issues such as the HUD and inventory screen.

      The top left, right and bottom left seem to work fine. As you can see the right side objective bar is a little messed up. This would be really great if someone could fix this. Hello Games dont see to care about it too much and the HUD and inventory stretch is quite unsightly to look at.

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