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      The way no man’s sky handled learning the languages of the alien races always bothered me. (I think I’ve gone through the entire gek language at least 3 times now between saves) It’s tedious, and makes it me reluctant to start new saves when I know I’ll have to go through it all again, but it’d be lame to neuter the mechanic entirely. Why not replace it with an easier/simplistic version from the good ol’ days?

      i.e. The Al-Bhed primers from FFX. 

      Just have the monoliths or knowledge stones teach individual letter translations instead of full words. It would increase the overall possible vocabulary for NPC dialogues outside of the words already established in the game’s dictionary for more complex stories/interactions after you’ve fully completed your inter-species translators/”dictionaries”. 

      If anyone could point me towards a good open-source modding software, It’d be greatly appreciated 🙂

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