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      If you are not using the password manager, it becomes hard to remember the complex and different passwords for several accounts. Nowadays, addiction to Instagram is very common, so it becomes frustrating if you are unable to access your account. If you have forgotten the password or lost it, you can access your Instagram account by recovering the password. The information on the recovery of Instagram is here in this article.


      Recover Instagram account

      When you are unable to access your Instagram account due to the forgotten password, or someone has changed the password without permission, you can recover it easily. Here are the methods of Instagram password recovery:

      • Recover password through the website– For recovering the Instagram password, you can use the webpage, and follow the steps:
      1. In the first step, open the browser and navigate to the Instagram website.
      2. Click on the Log In link on the bottom of the page.
      3. On the next page, click on the Forgot password link.
      4. After that, enter your username, phone number or email address linked with the Instagram account.
      5. Pass the security check with Captcha.
      6. Click on the Reset password button.
      7. With this, you will receive an email on your email address. Follow the link and click on Reset password.
      8. Now, enter the new password twice for confirmation.
      9. You can finally log in to your Instagram account.


      • Recover through the Instagram app- It is easy to reset the password using the Instagram app. In Android devices, you can proceed as follows:
      1. On the Instagram app, click Get help signing in.
      2. Enter your email address, username or phone number linked with the Instagram account.
      3. After this, you can select the option, and accordingly, you will receive the security code.
      4. Now, you can either click Login or reset password link, you will be redirected to reset option.
      5. You can now create a new password for the Instagram account and reset it.
      6. With this, finally, you will be able to use your Instagram account with the new password.


      For any assistance on Instagram account recovery, contact the support team of Instagram. The contact info is available on Instagram’s official webpage.


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