loading problems from patch 1.1(thinking GL problem)

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      hey all im having a problem in witch im hoping you will be able to help.

      does anyone remember that GL problem some people were getting when the game came out? i had the problem but i found a fix witch work and worked well but now it seems like im getting the some issue again and the fix doesn’t seem to work.

      i get pass the beautiful loading screen i hit a white screen with a sound of something in the background then the game just ‘nopes’ back to desktop.

      any advice?

      btw im running

      I5 3570k

      ATI 6950 2gb

      8gb ram (showing 7gb ram in game)


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      FIX for video Card without OPENGL 4.5 from NoMansSkyTheGame

      that was the fix i found that worked last time but now it doesn’t, any know if there’s another fix i can try?

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