knows someone an alternative to MBINCompiler?

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      What is the alternative to MBINCompiler?

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      There aren’t many alternatives yet – we’re sorta stuck with the tools we currently have, like psarc, nmsview/nmsextract.

      Any reason as to why for alternatives?


      Hope I helped. Any other questions? PM me.

      Hope I helped. Any other questions? PM me.

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      There is, of course, the option of trying to slog through the MBIN files by hand. Another user posted some notes on how they made their mod this way
      They attached a visual studio file which does some of the basic work they did by hand, but it’s no means a versatile tool. I’d recommend keeping an eye on MBINCompiler’s github page for now, regularly post bug reports and recommendations as necessary, and of course waiting for the future when the tools will likely become more ubiquitous and refined.

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