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      This is a Mod idea that makes an ongoing crafting mini-game out of installing Exosuit Upgrades to yield several Perks that make exploring easier and more convenient.

      The basic principal is that by installing particular upgrades of the same level (Tau, Sigma, Theta) directly next to each other you can unlock one of 7 appropriate buffs. This is supposed to represent the player character modding his gear, combining the related mechanisms to make his/her suit more efficient.

      Most Perks use the Jetpack so the player must plan out upgrade formations to allow as many couplings as possible.

      Heres a image summary of the Perks, and pairings needed to unlock them:

      The level of Tech used in a connection (Tau, Sigma, Theta) does not matter as long as they match. Perks are either active or inactive, multiple connections of the same tech of different levels will not have any further effect.

      Finally, for every 2 traits unlocked the player gets an additional slot in their exosuit backpack, this is to represent the cumulative space saved within the exosuit by efficiently engineering its technology together. If all seven traits are active a bonus 4th slot is activated, raising the players maximum exosuit Backpack slots to 52.

      I confident this mod would create a much greater sense that the player character is really modifying and upgrading their gear as well as give you more small goals to work towards as you play with satisfying bonuses that tangibly improve quality of life without changing to gameplay too dramatically.

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