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      you want to release a great useful mod ?

      Try to fix that stretch ui in 21:9.

      Dev dont work on and a lot of people want to play with a large view.

      If possible i pray for this !

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      It depends on the users video card. Nvidia has a add-on program the makes it fairly easy to do, Radeon does not. So if it’s fixed up to work on Nvidia cards, all the Radeon users are going to be “WTF, What about us!?!” Until Radeon releases a program that lets it be done fairly easily, it’s probably not going to happen as it would require knowledge of both Radeon programming API’s and (here’s the kicker) NMS’s API’s. Which for now is closely held info that HG is *not* going to give up anytime soon. Sorry.

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      First of all I am against paid mods 100% or at least bethesda version of it (so don’t downvote me to hell yet) Descendants 3 Jacket But i also feel that modders deserve something more than thumb up for the hours and hours of work they sometimes put on their mods. and I don’t like it one bit that the ones getting money from the views and ads on the modpages are third parties websites while the mod authors doesn’t get anything.

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