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      In the era of the social media revolution, there are still a lot of people who still use emails. Usually, a majority of people communicate via social media but for all the formal types of communication, you can only use email. And roadrunner email account is preferred by a lot of users. If you are someone who already has an email account then you can set up your already existing Roadrunner email on any iPhone or Android device. To find out more, tap below.


      Setting up the Roadrunner Email manually on Android


      To set up roadrunner email on android, there are some basic manual steps to add a roadrunner email. And to find how, you can look through the below-given steps.


      • To add a roadrunner email, first of all, go to the email app of your phone.
      • Now enter your roadrunner email or the username that you use for setting up the account


      • Moving on, now select the option of manual set up. Now pick the account type you are using. It could either be POP3 or IMAP.
      • Now enter the full email address that you use, followed by the password.


      • Once you have filled all the flight details, now enter the account settings following the directions.


      And hence with the following steps, a user can easily set up the roadrunner email on Android phones.


      Adding the Roadrunner Email on iPhone 


      Apart from the android phone, if you want to set up roadrunner email on iPhone then there are separate settings for that. To find out, follow the below-given steps.


      • Unlock your iPhone and now go to the settings directly. Now on the settings, tap on your emails, contact, and calendar option.


      • After doing so, select the option of add account and then look if the roadrunner email is listed below.


      • If yes then follow the online directions on the screen and add the account. You might need to fill out the username and password to log in and then in the end save the settings and close the tab.

      And hence with the help of the following steps, you can easily add your roadrunner email on any type of device. Moreover, if you face any type of doubt or issue, then contact the customer care team of the Roadrunner. The support team will guide you with the solutions.



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