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      Hotmail is one of the trusted digital tools which facilitates the webmail service. This service is used by numerous people since the beginning. Even after its acquisition with Microsoft, it has a growing number of users across the world.

      Those who forget its password need to use the Hotmail Account Recovery process for getting its account back.

      How to recover the Hotmail account by Email ID?

      You can easily use your recovery email address which is associated with the Hotmail account you want to recover.

      After the acquisition by Microsoft, you need to recover Hotmail account by using the platform provided by Microsoft.


      Employ the following steps of the Hotmail account recovery process.

      • Open your browser and visit the Microsoft website where you need to navigate to the login section.
      • As a username, you need to enter the email ID, phone number or Skype ID and click on the Next option.
      • When you get a prompt to enter the password of your account, you need to select the Forgot Password option.
      • This will launch the Hotmail account recovery process, where you need to choose your email ID as the recovery option.
      • After selecting your email ID, you will receive the password reset code on your recovery email address.
      • Enter that recovery code and you will obtain the option of entering a new password of your Hotmail account.
      • Now, you need to enter it and enter it again to confirm the new password.

      You can also complete the Hotmail account recovery process with the security questions method.

      How to Reactivate old Hotmail Account?

      If you have not used your Hotmail account within a year, then your Hotmail account will be disabled by Microsoft.


      Many users who have disabled their Hotmail account need to reactivate it for resuming its services on their device.


      You can need to follow this process for reactivating the Hotmail account.


      • Firstly, visit the website of Microsoft and go to the sign-in section.
      • Enter the username and click on the forgot password link to start the process of How to Reactivate old Hotmail Account.
      • Now, you need to choose the security questions method and provide answers to all the security questions correctly.
      • Once your claim to be a rightful owner of the Hotmail account is accepted you can reactivate your Hotmail account by creating a new password of your account.
      • Now, you need to enter the password for another time in the required section for providing the confirmation.


      If your old Hotmail account has been permanently deleted, then you can reactivate it by creating another account with the same credentials.


      If you are confused in the process of how to Reactivate old Hotmail Account, then you need to contact the customer support of Microsoft for obtaining more details.


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