How to create a mod that adds just one recipie???

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      I think the title says it all but I am missing an ingrediant for a mod that im playing with and I would like to be able to play with this mod and not go into creative to do so any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated, the ideas I have so far is that add the item into the world as an metal, make a recipie for the item that’s missing, or add it as an astroid/ship drop

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      what you want to play with is in METADATA\REALITY\TABLES\.. but it has to be the files of the .pak from the mod..

      it’s a bit tricky, but if you know the recipe and can figure out what each thing is called (IE: Carbon = Fuel1, Platinum=Tech1, etc), you should be able to find the recipe for the item you need in the producttable.. figure out the name of the item and then add it to the rewards table.. where exactly is something you’ll have to figure out on your own (if you haven’t already)

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