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      Sending an important regarding your personal or official work using your Hotmail account and suddenly it has stopped working? Then you are not alone who getting this issue as thousands of users confront problems whenever using their Hotmail account on their preferred device including Android or iPhone. There could be too many causes for Hotmail not working issue on your Android or iPhone and you should fix this issue as soon as possible which is possible to resolve with the help of simple troubleshooting steps.

      Reasons behind Hotmail not working on iPhone and Android

      There could plenty of possible reasons behind the not working issue of Hotmail on Android or iPhone but if you don’t know why Hotmail is not working, then some of the most common issues could be:

      • Due to the improper internet connection.
      • Using an outdated OS.
      • Due to caches and data.
      • Entering the wrong email address.
      • Using incorrect email settings.

      How to Fix Hotmail not Working on iPhone and Android?

      If you want to resolve the not working issue of your Hotmail account on iPhone and Android, then you can simply fix it through the below steps:

      Solution 1: Check your internet connection

      Make sure that your device is connected to the internet connection properly and you have an active internet connection which is must be required to access your Hotmail account. You can either change your Wi-Fi network or use cellular data instead of it and then check whether the problem is resolved or not.

      Solution 2: Check if Hotmail is down

      Sometimes you may confront issues with your Hotmail account when its server down that you can check on the internet. You can very easily resolve this issue after waiting for some time and then check whether your Hotmail account is working or not.

      Solution 3: Update your OS

      If you are using the outdated OS, then you often confront plenty of issues, and then you should check your OS. You can fix Hotmail not working on iPhone issue very smoothly after updating your OS to the available or latest version that can help you to fix the varied issues very easily.

      Solution 4: Check your email settings

      Sometimes using the incorrect email settings or account configuration method may also cause varied issues. So you should check your email settings for Hotmail in Android or iPhone and then update with the latest one. After that, check whether the Hotmail account is working or not after updating the settings.

      Solution 5: Clear caches and data

      The unwanted caches and data may also cause varied Hotmail related problems that you can very easily resolve after clearing these caches and data from your Android or iPhone in a simple manner. After that, you can try to access your Hotmail account.

      Solution 6: Restart your device

      Sometimes restarting a device is the best way to get rid of several problems that you confront when using your Hotmail account. So you can also restart your Android or iPhone and then check whether the problem is resolved or not.

      With the help of the above-given steps, Hotmail not working on iPhone issue can be resolved in a very simple manner. But in case you are still getting the same issue or you have any other query related to your Hotmail account, then you can contact the support team for reliable assistance.


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