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      Hi I’m astronautfive. I have no mod experience or coding experience. My background is tv and film. I am really digging the NMS game and universe. I would love to contribute writing narratives, developing stories, and imagining more compelling experiences within this game’s framework. Looking forward to trying some of these mods out! Thanks.

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      Changes may incorporate new substance that adjusts the setting like a mod that transforms the diversion into a cell crawler or the sorts of animals in the amusement. A mod may present new diversion mechanics that enable players to do Online Assignment Help things like make inconceivable machines or visit space.

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      frankjeff, you should try and get onto NMS modding on discord.. there’s a couple modders there you could probably work with to make a very enjoyable quest mod.. where you write the story line, dialog, etc.. and the modder plugs it all into NPC interactions in game..

      I’d post a link to a discord invite, but the traffic flow here is so terrible, I can’t be sure you’ll see this in the next week, let alone the next 24 hrs the link will be valid.. but PM me and I’ll reply with an invite link ASAP..

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