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      Hey! c:

      I’m Nixous but you can call me Nix if you want to. I am just a typical kid trying to be the next PewDiePie on YouTube and that’s what I am doing all day basically! 😀 Haha! Nah, just kiddin’! Anyways, I usually not game that much anymore but when I saw this game I just had to play it and I can say that I am so stuck right now in my journey and I love it. If you’d actually want to check out my content on YouTube, I make informative videos, tutorials and some gameplays on Nixous, and some vlogs on my other channel which you will find if you search through my description. 😉 This is my latest video, thought it would suit since this is a No Man’s Sky forum.

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      Don’t know why the inserted video didn’t show up in my real post, can’t seem to find how to edit it either.

      Here it is:

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      nice video man! keep up the good work

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      Hell-o Ni! ..i will call you Ni from now on 😛

      Nice video btw.. see you around on the forum.

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