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      i added that fast clicking mod (the one where you dont have to hold the mouse down to click stuff ) and a mod that improves the look of the icons and now the surviving in extreme conditions thingy isnt going up anymore. ive been playing on an extreme planet with extremer storms the whole day and it still doesnt count up, i purposefully removed the added hazard protection to see if it goes up and nothing.

      its the fullbit icons, and the mod shadwar actions mod, (faster actions)

      can anyone help?

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      It seems to be a bit flaky; as far as I can tell you need to spend a full continuous day in the extreme environment, which means no getting into your ship or taking shelter in a building or cave — as soon as you’re out of harm’s way the counter resets.

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        i did that bro, i decided to start a new game lol. i think getting rid of the shadercache might have done something. but now that i started a new game (kinda wanted too since i messed some stuff earlier) the problems went away.

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      Mine still is NOT adding up any more.  I’ve stayed in the open for hours of real time to no avail even with temps up to 325 degrees.  Any more help into this? The only mod if have installed is the Hover Free flying mod.  And my Sol’s are NOT counting up for the challenge!  



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      I’m not sure, but I think the only time you rack up ExAt time is when you are actually IN the ExAt. Sitting in your ship/building doesn’t do it. I think that is true for caves as well.

      Also it might slow down/stop when using the resistance shields.

      [shrugs] Of course, I haven’t done any SERIOUS testing, it’s just some things I noticed while playing.

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