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      Hello All,

      I am relatively new to NMS, and I have loved every millisecond of playing it. I am not a “gamer” by any stretch, so there is much that I am not familiar with, but I manage just fine and enjoy playing it immensely. I had my little group of Mods for Next that I loved, but this Beyond update seems to have made them inoperable. I never “updated” anything, so I’m assuming that was it was done automatically to anyone playing Next? If I was supposed to update myself, I have seen no way to do it?

      So I started keeping an eye out for the Mods I liked in the Beyond updates here, or Mods like them, which I have finally begun seeing. Problem is, none of them seem to work for me, despite whatever approach I take. I’m not sure if this is some glitch in either the Beyond update, or my “install” (Steam), but something is not working.

      One of the odd things to me is that as I tried these Mods, I was going to the Shader Cache folder to delete prior to trying one, but since the Beyond update, there is nothing in there every time I look? Aside from this issue, the other thing I’m experiencing is when I use the visor scanner, it begins the process, but never completes the scan.

      The Mods I want so far, and that I have tried are;


      InfiniteJetPack by Blacksmith

      S76North South Restored

      Unlimited Hyperdrive Jetpack (because the one above didn’t work)

      Not sure how you’d prefer me to list them but if that’s not enough to goon just let me know.

      I’m assuming that my Next Mods were neutralized by the Beyond release? These Mods I listed are the main ones I’d love to work, and are a big part of my game enjoyment, the Ship hover, Unlimited jetpack, and the North South restored

      Any help I can get would be truly appreciate,



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