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      Hi all, I am Hushed! I am so glad that you all do what you do here. I tried so hard to get a refund after so many of the features promoted weren’t in the game. After seeing the work here I have new faith that this game can be good =). Thank you all so much!

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      Hell-o !

      Yup, hello games didnt deliver everything it was suppose to..what a shame! But, dont forget that what the game is right now, will not be the same in a near future since they will mostly update it with new features, hopefully, soon..now they got some good ‘funding’ to grow their team a bit bigger..

      ..but i think the mods will bring it to a next level 😛 somfar, some pretty sweet mods have been done that improves the gameplay experience.. as of now, i will keep the game, but i wont wait too long to leave it if they dont add features soon, i espacially wish their where more ‘achievement’ to unlock in game, like when walking long distances or killing drones.. it needs more stars to make it last longer..

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      I agree, feels like they sold NMS as a template foundation with a blank slate.. and they’re adding to it as they go.. I don’t think NMS will be finished till somewhere into 2018, maybe even 2019.. they just had a set date Sony was pushing for, and they had something playable.. so it became time to release that and keep developing the game with incoming revenue.. Additionally, by doing this, they can have player feedback and suggestions incorporated into their build.. so they can make NMS more of what the players want rather than what HG wants.. and I even have my suspicions that HG is keeping an eye on mods to get an idea of what players want to see as well.. or maybe that’s just wishful thinking..

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