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      I am Dvoridex, you can probably guess from my name that i am a Star trek fan (and generally an Sci-fi fan). I am a passionate gamer for over 20 years now, and one of my all time best games is Freelancer from long ago. 

      I’m just a gamer, but i’m hoping that some of my ideas might give modders some work towards improving NMS from it’s…. alpha state lets say.  So far a number of mods released have improved gameplay dramatically and i am looking forward towards what modding community will be able to do with this amazing platform of a game for further development! 

      Modders – Keep up the amazing work!

      Community – Keep up your support!! 🙂

      Best regards!

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      Well hello there!

      indeed the mods si far have been improving no man sky’s experience better then in its vanilla state!

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