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      I’m Chekun and play NMS from the beginning. I never had a problem with it For me it is a welcome. I am in bed 24/7, then is a game as this he way out of pain and all the other not so mice things. Shut up Chekun, that was not the reason you wrote.

      Oké, This hole forum and site are WOW. Everything looks nice, I can find my way very easy. And as you know that is not alway so with other sites. This is a wonderful fresh site. O I forgot. My English is crap so please bear with me as it is not very good, not even good. But I learn and who knows, maybe I get better. 😉

      I believe I have everything. I hope I can do something for you in the future.

      Greetz Chekun

      O, and if I do something wrong please tell me. 🙂

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