Guide for Runescape 07 Halloween Event 2020: Way to Complete the Event

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      The annual Halloween event has come this year! Until Nov. 4th, help Rick in OSRS Halloween event 2020 to gain the magical pumpkin OSRS and other Halloween rewards.

      OSRS Halloween Event 2020 walkthrough

      1. To start OSRS 2020 Halloween event, head to the woods south-east of Draynor Village and talk to Rick.
      2. Enter Rick’s room via the orange portal on the north side of the Wizards’ Tower.
      3. Search the bed and get the Rick’s box. The answer to the riddle is 4, and you can get the Rick’s head upon solving the riddle.
      4. Bring the head to Rick.
      5. Talk to Wizard Mizgog on the 2nd floor.
      6. Head to the small camp on the western end of Lumbridge Swamp. Inspect the fire and watch a cutscene.
      7. Talk to Eve.
      8. Dance by the fire, drink from the cauldron, and then eat from the barrel.
      9. Talk to Eve again and get an incantation.
      10. Return to Rick’s room with the incantation. OSRS 2020 Halloween event complete!

      Rewards from OSRS Halloween event 2020

      You will get the following rewards after completing the Halloween event this year:
      Headless head
      Magical pumpkin OSRS (members only)
      OSRS pumpkin
      Two noted Halloween mask sets
      In addition, there is a chance to get rewards from previous events from Diango, including the Spooky outfit, pumpkin lantern, skeleton lantern and others. The pieces of the spooky outfit can be used on the swampy sink to unlock the spookier costume OSRS.

      Hope our Halloween 2020 OSRS guide can help you to complete this event. Besides, every day you are able to enjoy all other rs updates and guide on our site And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.

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