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    We’re going to learn to make custom voices for No Man’s Sky using text-to-speech. Some post-processing effects will be added and everything will be imported back into the game. It’s gonna be a bit of work, be patient! I can’t dumb it down more, sorry. I’ve added a zip containing this tutorial in pdf and some files you’ll need.



    Download and install:


    Part 1: Creating the audio

    – Create a new folder structure like: C:\[ProjectName]\wav

    – Open Balabolka.

    – Open NMS wem-voices.xlsx

    It’s a list of the exosuit files with .wem number and description, 134 for english.

    – Copy the cells under transcription as seen below and paste them in Balabolka

    (last cell left empty intentionally).

    – Choose a voice, press play. Change the text to whatever you like.

    (Ignore ‘split’, it won’t be saved.)

    – When you’re satisfied go to File-> Split and convert to audio files.

    – Use these settings:

    You now have 134 files named VO_xxx.wav


    Part 2: Post-processing in Adobe Audition

    We’re going to add a robotic effect, to keeping immersion intact, and match the loudness with the stock files.

    If you dont need this, skip to part 3.

    (I’d still recommend using Normalize though).

    – Copy and overwrite favorites.xml from my zip file into


    – Open AE.

    – Drag files into the Batch Process window.

    – At Batch Process, select Favorite: No Man’s Sky Exosuit.

    – Press Run.

    If you wanna edit the effect:

    -Under Favorite Name select No Man’s Sky Exosuit

    -Then under Action Name, right-click on the effect.

    – Next, drag files from the top left window into the Match Volume tab.

    Use these settings: Loudness: -8,00, Use Limiting, Export

    That’s about the same as the stock voice files. You can check this by dragging the .ogg from my zip into Match Volume. If you like you can always lower it a bit more.

    Use the following export settings:

    – Press Run. You’re done editing.


    Part 3: Converting .wav audio to .wem

    – Launch Wwise.

    – Choose new project, name it, then press ok. Press close on license manager popup.

    – Press shift-k. Project settings will open.

    – Go to Source Settings. Change default conversion settings to:

    Vorbis auto Detect High. Press ok twice and close.

    – Go to Project –> Import Audio File. Drag and drop your files into the window.

    Press import.

    – Go to Project-> Convert All Audio Files

    – Press ok. Your files will be converted.

    – Your converted files are located in:



    Part 4: Renaming

    We’re going to rename the files to their correct .wem code.

    AntRenamer automates this.

    – Launch AntRenamer.

    – Drag audio files into the window (Don’t select Wwise.dat).

    – In NMS wem-voices.xlsx select and copy the .wem numbers.

    – Go back to AntRenamer–>Actions –>Take names from list.

    Paste into the blank window.

    – Check Append original extension of the file

    – Press Go. Done!


    Part 5: Repacking

    – Start FreeCommander.

    – Make a new folderstructure like this: c:\AUDIO\ENGLISH(US).

    – Put your audio files in ENGLISH(US).

    – In FreeCommander select AUDIO, then click the pack icon.

    – Choose Archive format psarc:pak, click run.

    – Copy pak file to C:\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS

    – Done!

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    If you wanna use foreign voices to speak english you have to be creative:

    • “Raydiationn protectiunn. Staybilaaizing.”
    • “Kreeticol damege taykeun.”
    • “Communcing atlas systems suutt initialaaisaytiunn.”
    • “Maltitul & maaining laysur attachmundt. Opuhraytional.”

    I fed this into Balabolka for my french voice mod. 😀


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    Hi Locutusan, thanks for creating this tutorial. I followed your instructions which were included in the pdf the only difference being that I used audacity instead of adobe audition. I’ve had trouble getting the sounds to actually work though the exosuits voices are muted, and will only work again once I replaced them with either the default .wem or the .wem from your french exosuit mod. 

    My steps:

    skipped the TTS thing and just recorded my own stuff.

    exported all audio from audacity as 16bit PCM .wav files with 22050hz as the rate.

    launched Wwise and set the project default conversion settings to Vog Orbis High

    used Wwise and converted all audio files to .wem

    renamed my .wem to the correct file names

    created a mod .pak with Freecommander

    finally I placed my mod in PCBANKS and once in game all the exosuit voices are muted 🙁


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    Could you post one of your wav files so I can check it?


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    Are the files mono?

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      164826 wrote:

      Are the files mono?

      Hey man, i tried to make some custom sounds to my ship, did everything but the mod don’t work, whats the audio attributes that it need to have? 16bit mono, what more?

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        Right in the screenshots above it shows the files are 22Khz not 16khz

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    Ah shit I forgot something. Make sure the PSARC settings are:

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    I’ve updated my pdf guide, go check it out.

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    165230 wrote:

    Right in the screenshots above it shows the files are 22Khz not 16khz

    UGH, can’t EDIT POSTS

    I misread your post, yes it’s 16bit mono, and it’s 22Khz


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    That freeCommander + Psarc link is a 404. Any alternative link?

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    Already made 2 voice mods with this tutorial.  Awesome work. Just, how does localization work? For instance if a brazilian player who uses PT BR language, how do I get the mod to work for them? In the excel I see its 131 lines. I matched these. Then what?

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    Alright, if anyone wants to know how to localize. Extract the NMSARC.B9700502 folder. There you will see what folder to make to create a localized exosuit voice mod. for instance AUDIO\PORTUGUESE(BRAZILIAN)

    In the excel file from the guy who made this tutorial you will find what the names of the files should be for that language.

    This is all the additional info you need to localize a voice mod.

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    Where’s the PDF & NMS wem-voices.xlsx? I can’t find it. Also, like stated before, some of these are dead links.

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      Wow okay nevermind, I’m blind. Sorry

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