Game loads loose files from GAMEDATA if not found in a .pak, no need to repack?

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      Seems like the game loads files from the GAMEDATA folder if they aren’t found in a .pak file, unfortunately this isn’t helpful for releasing mods as you’d have to ask the user to delete the old .pak file and include the whole .paks contents with your mod, so you may as well just repack for releases.

      But while working on your mod I could see this being helpful, just unpack the .pak you want to mod into the GAMEDATA folder, delete/rename the .pak file and then edit the files you just unpacked, and launch the game to try it out, no need for repacking for every little change!

      The .pak should be unpacked with your “No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/” folder as the root, so that files get put in eg. “No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/TEXTURES/”, “No Man’s Sky/GAMEDATA/SHADERS/”, “No Mans Sky/GAMEDATA/MODELS/” etc

      I’ve only tested this with shaders as explained in this post, but I’d assume it would work for all the games files.

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      The fact that it loads loose files is great and does make it much easier to work with while developing a mod, but I have a question that is related to modding but not this. How are you able to view/extract mbin files? You can extract the pac files yes but I can’t figure out how to actually do anything with them. Reason is I’d like to mess with the source code a little and I was hoping there were some scripts I could edit in some of those mbins.

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