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      This is a feature I was really expecting to be able to do in a exploration game, can we really not look side to side in our cockpits to aid in finding landing sites or to enjoy the beauty of space?

      I know that it works with a controller, but im using keyboard and mouse, TrackIR is not supported.

      Can someone make a mod to bind that right stick from controller to Keyboard?

      Best regards,
      Neraki ^^

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      I was waiting for something like this too. I mean, how can’t you look around to enjoy the beauty of the game, it’s a big flaw. Another thing, the flying controls suck, it’s like the game fights with you to try and prevent you from hitting the planet, can someone do something about it? Thanks.

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      have you tried binding track ir to an xinput for the right stick?

      Will try this soon as it is getting a little frustrating guessing my landings.

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      Yes i tried to do that, but you can only binding hotkeys for controlers only when the controler is plug in.
      And i dont have any controler for PS4 or Xbox 🙂

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        I tried plugging in a controller (and my TrackIR) but I didn’t see an option to rebind camera panning anywhere in the game (which is part of the reason why we can’t do it with a keyboard to begin with).

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