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      Is any one interested in creating a mod that would add a menu or something like that which would allow for easy travel to previously Discovered planets

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      Second to that, I have planets I can no longer find due to the random nature of my warping….know the name¬† and can see it in the P screen, but can’t find it anywhere in the Map.¬† Help….It had the best looking ship coming into the Space Station and haven’t seen that design again in 40 plus planets….. It would be great if we could plug in a name and the screen would show a jump to option.

      Also wishing the P screen showed all the other relevant planetary data like sentinel status, toxicity, radiation and flora/fauna info. That should be accessible all the time not just the first time you land.

      Finally the P screen should have a personal notes entry slot that appear every time you open the P on that planet. Record your info on a crash site you skipped, a possible base, resource concentrations etc.

      Whatever you have a fancy to record that only pops up for you

Viewing 1 reply thread
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