[Concept Idea] Zinc, Platinum, Thanium9 and so on… let's change them!

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      As we know Zinc, Platinum, etc. can be harvested from PLANTS and this is BAD. From a logical point of view there is no way same plants will exist on all planets in a galaxy. So how we can FIX it? The idea is to replace models and textures of those objects with other either new models and textures or already existing models and textures which will be modified to create “new” objects. So for example instead Zinc flower we can use existing hexagonal pillar (or other already existing object like rocks) which is used to create Iron deposits and change a texture to something like those hexagonal crystals from 2014 demo which btw are amazing and i don’t know why they didn’t use them. Basically, interaction will stay the same and you will need to come close to object and interact with E. As far as I know flowers have 2 stages one before harvesting and second after so we can imitate an effect of a crystal being somehow harvested with an effect of 3d texture (like imitating holes on a flat surface).

      If anyone knows where to find files for these flowers please post here 😉


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