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      If you have lost your password, then there are couple of ways by which you can easily get back to your account information. This all process uses your previously updated information that you have used at the time of creating account. Without access of Email or phone number it’s not possible to change the password. But if you have all the information, then it all becomes easy for you to change the Facebook password.


      Follow the steps to change the forgot password of Facebook

      These points are the most basic approach that you should know to reset the forgot password of Facebook.

      • To get started, first head to the Login page of the facebook.
      • Next, just below the Login password entry field, tap on option of Forgot account.
      • Click on it, you will be redirected to the page, where you will be asked to enter the associated Email address or phone number.
      • You will see two recovery options either via Email address or with the help of phone number.
      • Select the account on which you want to receive a code.
      • Click continue.
      • Enter the security code on.
      • Now click on continue button.
      • Select a combination of strong password and Tap continue.
      • Save the changes.


      Connect with the Help center page of Facebook to learn about


      Not everyone is having knowledge to set up their account of Facebook, it all requires a basic awareness of process and taking help from the team is the right way to configure all these things.

      • You can ask them about the process to configure setting of the account
      • Ask them about the process to recover account.
      • Beside, you can ask for user profile and setting.
      • Learn the simple way to activate the security features
      • Visit Help community or by visiting Ads help Centre.

      Beside, above all the information on change the forgot password of Facebook, if you are looking for further assistance, then you can call directly on their support number to get the immediate feedback or response.


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