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      This is a reproducible bug that I ran into when trying to show users the lines they could edit in an MBIN file to achieve what my mod does.

      1. Create or edit a mod.
      2. In the mod’s description, place some HTML where the angle brackets are replaced with their HTML entity equivalents. This should make the HTML print to the page as plain text, instead of being interpreted by the browser.
      3. Update the mod and look at the page. The HTML displays as plain text, which is what it’s supposed to do.
      4. Now go back to editing the mod page. The HTML in the description has had the angle bracket entities replaced with actual angle brackets, which means that the browser will interpret it.
      5. Save the update and look at the page. The HTML no longer displays as plain text.

      Please fix it. It should *not* reinterpret entities.

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      Thanks for pointing this out, i will work on fixing this.

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      Hey Desi could you show me what code you were trying to add. as far as i know HTML is not supported on the mod description

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      169338 wrote:

      Not HTML, but HTML entities. Use the example I’ve provided in this pastebin: http://pastebin.com/mAD3A42a

      Oh ok i know what you mean, if you need to print html on the page then use the <code></code> selectors, there’s a button in the editor where it makes this safe to do so (it has no icon so its an invisible button, but its there hover over to see it)

      For everything else just use the visual editor.

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