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      Hey all,

      When using mods on 2.0 version, immediately after install there’s a black screen crash, ie, the game starts and you can hear music but there’s no visual

      Running in VR mode, only way to restore functionality is to completely unins/reinstall game, copying over save

      Any idea how to install mods without black-screen?

      Thx!! ^.^

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      Found online that there’s a splash screen of sorts warning you that there are mods installed?

      Maybe there’s some way I could remove the trigger for the splash screen, cause someone said that’s where it gets stuck…

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      So I was able to get the game to run and get to the save select screen, but when i select a save it jyst gets stuck in the flying stars loading screen. 

      I was able to get it to run by using the PSArcTool to unpack all if the games shipped banks in the PCBANKS folder and taking those unpacked files and placing them in the GAMEDATA folder, along with all of my mods unpacked, then placing all the bank files in a new folder called PCBANKS_DISABLED.

      This is otherwise known as playing the game “unpacked”

      After about 5 mins of pitch-black loading screen with music, the stars loading screen shows up and I think it gets stuck there as I gave up after about 25 mins of waiting for this to go away

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      I still have black screen.. 

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      The error you got is pretty serious. I think you should see a technician to fix the problem.

      vex 3

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