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      J. Tooke

      It would be nice if the ship Scanner did more than just tell you where building or what a planet type is and minerals it has, and was more like the multi-tool but a lot better buy pinpointing out all minerals and naming them as well as the buildings so it would be easier to find the right things you need.

      So a mod that can make the ship scanner more fully workable as a proper scanner would be, maybe when a planetary map is added as fuel would boost the scanner solar wide.

      When a map is added to the scanner a popup menu would have three sub lists like as below.

      1: All Minerals, this would show all ground deposits on the plane ship pointing at, once picking one mineral all those would stay highlighted for one hour.

      2: All Buildings, this show all building again picking the ones you need like above highlighted one hour.

      3: All Distress signals, again showing all signals and as above highlighted one hour.

      The one hour highlighted item are in a game time hours and all other items would fade out, and a further map would be needed to show more. 

      If anyone can do this can change all ideas on this subject to suit the mod.  


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