10 Mistakes That Kill our Video Marketing

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      Mistake # 1.

      Do you think that abstruse words, terminology and twisted formulations make you more solid in the eyes of the client? And there is. So much more solid that the client does not understand what you are offering, is afraid to contact you and leaves for competitors. Remember, no one likes to feel stupid.

      Solution: Tell us about the product in simple terms . As the Nobel laureate Richard Feynman said: ” If you can not briefly explain to a five-year-old child what you are doing, you are a charlatan.” True, he talked about quantum physics, but you understood the meaning.

      Before you compose a text for your video for your affiliate website revglue.com/blog-detail/36-create-free-affiliate-websites-with-revglue, check out our. It’s just that the main secret of convincing words is in their simplicity.

      Mistake # 2. The video does not broadcast the brand
      I often find myself remembering a product after watching videos and very rarely a company. But there are many products, and the company is one. Therefore, it is very important that the viewer clearly associates the video with your brand while watching.

      To do this, you do not have to constantly talk about yourself. It’s enough to work together with the designers on the visual concept of recognition, so that the video evokes the right associations.

      Solution: Use corporate identity elements in the video. It can be a logo, branded fonts or colors. Make copyright previews for the video, come up with a corporate phrase. Be creative to be remembered and recognized.

      For example, we always make original screensavers for GM commercials:

      GM movie screensavers

      Mistake # 3. The video does not tell a story
      Have you heard what the facts say and the stories sell? The author of these words, Brian Eisenberg, developed an effective methodology for increasing conversion, which he called the “architecture of persuasion.”

      According to Eisenberg, storytelling helps to establish contact with the buyer on an emotional level, and this, in turn, directly affects sales. Yes, facts, figures and characteristics will convince the user. But it is a catchy story that will inspire action and turn a potential client into a real one.

      Solution: shift focus from product to customer . To do this, use the famous marketing frame: outline the problem, propose a solution and talk about the benefits.

      How to learn effective storytelling skills? Read our article “5 Stages of Creating a Story that Sells”.

      Mistake number 4. You sell too hard
      Agree, no one likes obsessive advertising. When a consumer first includes your video, he wants to get to know each other and learn something useful. Active selling at this stage is like an offer to get married on a first date.

      A good video never sells forehead. Its task is to prepare the viewer for a purchase: to increase recognition, to gain trust, to build brand loyalty. Ideally, the video gently and unobtrusively pushes the viewer to the right decision.

      Solution: refuse hard sales in the video. Instead, focus on making the explainer video redleos.com/video-production-services/ as useful to the viewer as possible. If you hook it, the user will perform the target action.

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