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193303 wrote:

What would you do if you needed to translate the game into Vietnamese? I have tried online translator programs, but my friend says that this translation is most likely incorrect.

If you want to get free translation, then you can use any online translator, but I want to note that this is machine translation, that isn’t  high-quality adapted for this country, but rather literal translation, where may be semantic errors, since you don’t know how many meanings the word selected by the program has. If you need to make your game not look amateurish, then you need quality translation of the text for the game … I think that the native speaker can do it the best. I can advise you this site , where you will find the opportunity to translate for free using an online translator on the site and you can also find here the person who, for small fee, will be able to adapt the text for Vietnam and make high-quality translation for you that will have the meaning that you want to. I think that further the choice is yours.