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The problem is not really the fact of homework. I am for them to be performed at school. This is possible in full-time schools or where there are a sufficient number of extended-day groups. But such an organization of custom essay help today is possible only in private schools.

In the conditions of crowded classes and schools, when quality education is impossible by definition, the role of homework only grows. I think that no parent would mind if he was spared their implementation. Parents can and should be understood. All day at work, and then some other homework for the child.
Is there a way out of this situation? Of course have. And even two.
1. Cancel homework.
2. Have such an amount of funding and such a number of educational buildings that each student has the opportunity to do homework without leaving school.
But this is all from the field of unscientific fiction. Therefore, dear parents, invest money and energy in the education of children in order to get a chance in old age that they will take care of you, at least in gratitude for a worthy education.