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All top branded LED, LCD TVs. Repair of course. In our classes we train all the main board, SMPS board, inverter board and panel problem.


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Skills practical training, electronics and mechanical, LCD and LED TV repair courses, CRT TV Repair CRT TV Kit Introduction in Hindi, tell CRT TV Kit components and parts step by step and how to easily repair CRT TV Kit in Hindi. Blocker color code is very useful for understanding 4 band, 5 band calculation steps in Hindi.


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The course for this course presents detailed and advanced operating techniques for electronic measurement devices such as oscillators, capacitors and voltmeters. It also reflects troubleshooting, maintenance, testing, and repair procedures.


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They identify components, review plans, compare wiring diagrams, develop problem solving skills and diagnose issues to evaluate and repair problems. Learn the operating principles of home appliances.


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Combined and synchronous logic circuit designs are discussed. Topics within computer science, such as binary arithmetic and Boolean algebra, play a large role in this class. This course is interested in digital television technology, this course describes how electronic circuits function within digital devices.


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This course includes various elements related to television and video electronics. Topics include signal transmission by Step Guide, HDTV vs. analog, MPEG 2 compression and multicasting TV and video courses.


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This course provides students with an understanding of the laws and principles of magnetism. Roland’s law, magnetic fields and oscilloscopes can all be included in this course.