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Update: I opened the game this morning and jumped in a starship, exited and checked the save file. It was 7237 KB, the same as the previous save. I closed the game, opened No Man’s Sky Save Editor and only changed one thing; I had it generate a new seed for the Armorer cause he was coyote ugly. So, that is changing a 12 alpha/numeric character only. I reopened the game, jumped into a starship and exited to create another restore point. My save file went from 7237 KB to 9473 KB. That’s a 2236 KB difference for only changing 12 characters in the save file. It seems to me something instead of being over-written, is doubling or adding to the save files. I can’t figure it out and I’m on Normal mode with a legitimately obtained 48 slot Class S Hauler, a 38 slot Class S Fighter and a 48 slot Class C Freighter so I really don’t want to start a new game. Any insight or help would be awesome. Thank you.