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keep your nudes on a thumbstick in a safe or vault.. this avoids them accidentally being uploaded or falling into the wrong hands..

As for mods, it’s pretty simple..
1) Locate your PCBANKS folder: (SteamPath)\SteamApps\Common\No Man’s Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS
2) In the PCBANKS folder, create a new folder and name it “MODS” (without the quotes obviously). Keep the uppercase JIC the game depends on it.
3) Delete the .txt file in the PCBANKS folder (or just rename it and relocate it to the GAMEDATA folder like I did)
4) Copy downloaded mod .pak files to the MODS folder

That’s it.. you should now be able to load the game, get the mod warning screen, select your game mode and test out the mod and changes..

Reasons why a mod wouldn’t work:
1) The mod is outdated: When NMS gets updated (Foundation v1.1 update; Pathfinder v1.2 update; the next update v1.3, etc) the game files often get changed, edited or otherwise updated.. As a result, mods developed on the previous data structures cease to function on the new data structures and require an update themselves to utilize the new data.. otherwise the game will just ignore the out of date file and you won’t see the mod’s effects.
2) There is a conflict of mods: Sometimes modders have similar ideas for similar things, but not always the same.. This can often result in mods using the same data files for their mod’s manipulated behavior.. Because the game gets confused on which to load, often the game will favor only one data file.. this could be from any one of the mods, or even the original game file.. meaning only one of the conflicting mods would work at best, if you’re lucky..
3) User error: When in doubt, RTFM.. If there’s installation instructions or a readme.txt, do yourself a favor and read first before attempting an install.. There could be important notes on the installation method, or better explanation of which mod .pak(s) to use..

Best of luck, hope this helps, and hopefully¬† you’ll even be enjoying some of my mods as well..