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Which version of NMS do you have, steam or gog?

I bought the steam version, but already played NMS with the gog version, with mods fully working, (pathfinder update)

But now with the steam version i to have trouble , getting all the previously working mods to work.

After some trial & error, i finally found to get my mods (partially) working again, not all of them still work, where with the gog version they did.

What i did that get most mods to work again, is instead of deleting the “disablemods.txt” file, try to rename it to enablemods.txt,

This did the trick for me, although not all mods are working , most of them do after this.


One strange thing though, i had mods that where compatible with each other, (on gog version) , carbon life and ultrafast mining+Launch cost reducer , and now with the steam version, only one works but not both.

I found this out when changing the order they are in the mods folder.

But enough said,

try to change the disablemods.txt to enablemods.txt, and see if that works.

I hope it does.