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Maybe this will help make it clear:

Imagine the inventory is a wall with a grid of hooks.  On each hook you can hang a bucket.  Each bucket is a place where you can store some stuff.

To increase the inventory, first you have to add more hooks to the grid.  That is what setting the Width and Height values does — it defines how many hooks there are.  Next, you have to hang the buckets.  That is what the ValidSlotIndices do — each one represents a bucket hung on the hook at the specified coordinates.

When you were building up your ship inventory or multitool, you may remember times when you had a grid of a certain size, but there were gaps where there wasn’t a square to put stuff into.  Those gaps were hooks without buckets — no valid slot index was defined for that position.

I have no idea why they didn’t just define the full size grid from the start, and let you add squares in an orderly fashion from top left to bottom right.  The exosuit pretty much worked that way, but the ships and multitools were just frustrating, with squares scattered all over the place.  I suspect it was to keep the maximum possible number of slots secret for as long as possible, and also to deliberately frustrate attempts to put related tech next to each other.  I made 48 slots on my ship long before I ever saw the save file, and when I did finally see how it worked it was a face palm moment — all the time and resources wasted rebuilding the tech again and again to reposition it, when I could have just moved it manually.