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So after some time, I finally came across METADATA\REALITY\TABLES\NMS_REALITY_GCPRODUCTTABLE.MBIN, which after decompiling, had an exml that refers to the .dds for the icon..

I couldn’t see any specific identifiers for lubricant, other than UPROD9 (Poly-Fibre was UPROD6).. So I cut/pasted their data blocks around and changed the UPROD? id’s.. recompiled, built the .pak, put it in my mods folder, loaded up and set the curiosity filter..

Between Glass and Acid, it now says “Lubricant”; but the icon is still the poly-fibre, and it’s greyed out despite the fact I have the required mordite.. On the second page, first icon is still lube and lit up to craft, but the title of the item is “Poly-Fibre”.. I know I’m missing something, another file maybe?