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Outside of Creative mode, it sucks having to still dismantle in order to relocate by re-installing.. but you can come close to little to no material cost expense if you dismantle your stuff before exchanging..

Ship Salvaging:
If I find a ship with more inventory slots and the desired W.R. tech, I’ll “upgrade”. This means I dismantle all the installed tech/equipment on my current ship prior to exchanging ships. This way I have most materials to repair the damaged tech. Otherwise, I’ll salvage the ship of everything (using the mod) and keep my current ship, with that many more mats to go in my containers.

Multi-Tool Exchange:
Before exchanging your multi-tool, you’ll want a recent save state. However, if you find a multi-tool you like, don’t reload from a save state because it may generate a new seed and the gun may be different.. When you decide to upgrade your multi-tool, dismantle all your components to keep as many mats as you can.. Dismantle the tech on the new multi-tool (excluding any appropriately placed tech) as well, and again you have almost all the materials you need to re-equip your new multi-tool..

Need more materials? Hopefully you used to the ship salvage + container method so you can go back to your base and grab what you still need…