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To me it’s not so much “unfinished” as it is “ripped up”.

Biggest consensus right now is that between E3 and Release they went in and stripped out loads of stuff. Mainly because the world of MMOs went from a subscription base to free-to-play with paid Downloadable Content.

And what happens when you take out core functions? Newer functionality tends to “break” in a domino effect and has to be patched back together or be taken out as well.

(NOTE: The following example is based on rumor, supposition and “conspiracy theory” style thinking mixed with too much caffeine, too little sleep, and a healthy dose of Advil Migraine) 

For example, we were told that we would be able to land on comets, meteors, asteroids, etc. and prospect. Then comets were nixed, so that meant the code for landing on them was removed. As luck would have it that code also took care of landing on meteors. Well, they nixed meteors so that took care of that. Sort of. There was still the asteroids. No problem. Take out landing on them as well. Problem solved. So now all you can land on is planets and stations. Yay… :-/

So, what does all this have to do with Subscriptions versus F2P and $DLC?


Take a guess, a wild shot in the dark, as to what you will soon possibly have to pay to have the ability to do…