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Good list. I’ll add a couple I’ve been thinking of.

– multiple biomes on planets, encouraging one to explore an entire planet without it feeling like a copy and pasted version of where you landed. 

– rivers & waterfalls

– gas giants

-totally barren planets (no buildings), I’m talking like Mars or the moon barren. 

-more variance in asteroids, they all look the same currently.

– voxel building system, 7 days to die style.

– making the sun an object you can actually travel to, no more light box b.s.

– ship classes

– sand planets

– camping system

– mounts – tame animals and ride them, and mechanical craftable rovers, hovercraft etc..

– ambient sentinels

– NPCs that actually walk around

– no more random chunks of resources in awkward monolith looking structures, make the resources in veins in the ground like Minecraft. 

– ground mine able with mining Lazer, and rare resources in ground as you mine deeper.

–  cave animals

– reasons to explore caves 

– zombies or other dangerous humanoid aliens, think the flood in halo, or the aliens in Alien. 

– better guns and improved combat

– planets with no sentinels -this was promised by Sean Murphy. 

– crafting system that’s not just equipment upgrades, electricity, switches, lights, mining carts, storage boxes, beds

-armor and equipment slots, w/ 3rd person. Would make so much more incentive to gather resources and money if I could spend it on a sick new helmet or something.