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165523 wrote:

  • Add a possibility to detect resources with ship scanner (similar to multi-tool scanner), but limit detection range to something like 250-500m from ship so that screen does not get overcrowded with icons or cause problems with stability.
  • Add resource icons over deposits so we can see when some floating rock is just a rock or some kind of deposit (to both ship scan and multi-tool scan). Yes some resources look like plain rocks, god knows how much times i’ve been shooting dirt arches…
  • Add ability to mine deposits using ship weapons like asteroids (this would make grinding some resources much faster)
  • Is it possible to make capital ships move instead of being static? Moving capital ships would make game a lot more immersive.
  • Pirates attacking capital ships rarely get shoot at by them, and usually from some limited weapons, i have seen large ships with lots of gun turrets but they just don’t work. Is it possible to activate all big ship weapons?
  • Don’t know if its possible to force races in to a war, but would it be possible to add large ships to pirates? (Especially on their raids of large convoys so we get those big space battles)
  • Is it possible to make large ships destructible?


  1. I’d definitely like this too! I’ll look around through the files, see if there’s anything I can dig up. So far it’s a major scavenger hunt–and of course I’m a total newb at modding, so I don’t even know what I’m looking for sometimes…
  2. Don’t they already give you icons when you scan them? Or are you talking differentiating at a distance between Carbon and Plutonium?
  3. You can already–with LowFlight mod it shows that you can, but either ship weapons are seriously nerfed compared to your handheld laser, or the ground deposits are *way* stronger than what you find in space–either way it’s completely out-of-whack…
  4. Not yet. See here:
  5. Cap ships in general seem to be very rudimentary ATM–maybe some patches from HG will fix it. Until then, hit up the Discord channel for NMS mods–very handy and chatty group! 🙂
  6. Again, no. The cap ships don’t spawn if you add them with the pirate spawns–and that’s on the Reddit thread I linked up above too. Can’t take credit, not my work, but a very helpful modder.
  7. That’s something that I would *think* would be possible…any sensible programmer would make it some kind of toggleflag…the question is where did they put it.