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Alright another update with some bad but also some very good news as well.

I decided to not customize the shuttles; because it is very confusing, they can have a single or double hull, and either a box or cylinder model, and on top of that in different lenghts, it is just too much right now. I will rather focus on the other ships, and when I’m satisfied with the results, I will look into the shuttles again. I’m just an amateur modder afterall; there is still alot to do for the other 3 ship classes that are functional, and it is taking alot of my free time already.

But, I finaly figured out a way to display parts on the¬†ships, even if the ship seed did not have them activated. Basicaly, there is “almost” no limit as to how many parts your ship can have. The only down side is that the positions where the parts show up, while they can be edited, are not something I plan to try and adjust, because it would simply be too much work. Instead I will just take advantage of the ones already set in the game.

Technicaly, this extends the customisation to combinations of ship parts that the game cannot generate with a ship seed, and the ability to add subwings and accessories (finaly), and even multiple wings!

Here is an exemple of a scientifc ship with 3 wings on each side and backwings.


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