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Hi Locutusan, thanks for creating this tutorial. I followed your instructions which were included in the pdf the only difference being that I used audacity instead of adobe audition. I’ve had trouble getting the sounds to actually work though the exosuits voices are muted, and will only work again once I replaced them with either the default .wem or the .wem from your french exosuit mod. 

My steps:

skipped the TTS thing and just recorded my own stuff.

exported all audio from audacity as 16bit PCM .wav files with 22050hz as the rate.

launched Wwise and set the project default conversion settings to Vog Orbis High

used Wwise and converted all audio files to .wem

renamed my .wem to the correct file names

created a mod .pak with Freecommander

finally I placed my mod in PCBANKS and once in game all the exosuit voices are muted 🙁