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I have a few requests, some of these have been requested or released in an unpacked version, which a lot of people can’t use. Or some even may be worked on by the official dev team.

  • More extreme terrain. I want huge mountains, cliffs, canyons and craters etc
  • More extreme wildlife. Both in size and also more often agressive.
  • More extreme hazards. Make hazards like 50% stronger, so walking on a hazardous planet doesn’t feel like a nice walk in spring. Also make some liquids far more dangerous. I mean.. could u jump in an acid bath even with good equipment..? And last i want more dangerous planets. Most of the planets should be very hostile for us humans.
  • Storm effects, maybe some wind physics that push u around when its windy.
  • Planets with low and high gravity. high gravity -> faster falling and more falling damage, jetpack and is less effective. Low gravity -> slow falling with very little to no falling damage, more effective jetpack.

If any of these could be made then it would be super awesome! CheersĀ