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Alright another short update, I am done with the cargo ships for now, I managed to get the most important things in, like the top and bottom extra cargos, 2 cockpits, 6 necks (the necks depend on one customisation option with 3 possibilities that I could not find, so I had to group them in 3 groups of 2) . I also had to remove some options like the wings and thrusters customisation for now because there are clipping problems.

But with the options I left, you can still get some realy nice looking cargo ships like the ones below. Note that some parts will be different from user to user even if you pick the same options, because alot of it is still random. It makes the result better for now in my opinion, and easier to quickly chose the options and get your ship. I will try to add more stuff later.

I started on the Shuttles, and as I thought, it is even more work than the scientific ships, because of the huge ammount of parts that it can get. I will focus on the main parts first, and hopefully get some screenshots soon.