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Well, there was one part that I changed (but can’t test until recompiled), but here’s my idea. In the decompiled MBIN file (included in the pastebin you posted) there is a section that reads like this:

  1.         <Property name=”Width” value=”50″ />
  2.         <Property name=”Height” value=”50″ />

I would be interested in changing the “Width” value to 16, which is roughly 50/3. This could be some sort of scale factor, where the height needs to remain at 50, and the width needs to become 50/3 = 16.6667. I rounded down because rounding up would make a fraction of the UI squeeze itself onto the 2 side monitors.

The reason I think this, is because this is very similar to the way Battlefield 4 did it. I created the unofficial ‘Battlefield 4 3-Monitor HUD Fix’, which essentially does what you think. There was a scale factor, and I divided it by 3 and reapplied it to the game and it worked. Maybe it’s the same here? It’s only a guess, but once the tool to recombine MBIN files is released, I’ll test it out immediately and report back.